Album Review – Dolo 3

By: Jefferson Marshall

The west coast rapper Legacy released his fourth mixtape in the past two “Dolo 3” in March 2015.

Some may remember Legacy from his days as a member of the rap duo called the New Boyz.

You know the guys that taught you how to jerk….

No, not that kind of jerk…..ya’ll nasty….


Remember now?

Well, that song blew up in 2009, and became one of the top rap songs in the country by reaching #4 on the rap charts and having 72 million views on that song’s YouTube video. When Legacy and his partner, Ben J, broke up in 2013, Legacy went on and made his first solo mixtape “Your New Favourite Rapper” later that year

The entirety of “Dolo 3” has nocturnal and chill-out vibes from track one to track 13. That’s one of the reasons why fans of his former group New Boyz would not even recognize him, because his sound is so much different than his hype and energetic flow he had before.

A few artists that are featured on the project include Tyga, Doja Cat, Telana, Ray 2twice, and Yung Bleatha. All did a fairly good job, however the feature that really stole the show was Tony Demash for his feature in the song “Shake”. As Demash brought his energy and charismatic charm to the song, and also did the production on the song “Homies” as well.

Speaking of the production on the mixtape, that was the strongest aspect of the project. It has been a long time since every beat has excellently been mastered and all fit the same mellow vibe. What is even more interesting is that Legacy produced five out of the 13 tracks on his own mixtape. The beats weren’t your stereotypical hip-hop sound either, it seemed that some of these beats were very similar to the sound of techno alternative rock which was refreshing and really worked well.

In conclusion, “Dolo 3” is a statement that the old Legacy is dead and the new one is finding his own sound. The production is magnificent, and the lyrics are so much different than what you expect from a hip-hop mixtape, as he talks about being self-conscious at times rather than boasting about how many cars he has or women he’s been with. This mixtape is really a pioneer in its own right and is worth a listen for anyone who wants to hear something different.

Production: 4.5/5

Lyrics: 3.3/5

Flow: 3.5/5

Overall: 6.5/10


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