#SongOfTheWeek (March 6-13): Tyler, The Creator ft. A$AP Rocky – “What The Fuck Right Now”

By: Jefferson Marshall

This week’s nominees:

And the winner:

This week’s track is a remake of Kanye West’s “Freestyle 4” which was featured on his highly anticipated (…yet disappointing..) album The Life of Pablo. However, Tyler took the original and moved it into an entirely different direction with his signature hyped-up, and reckless vibe. The original did share the same tone, but the lyrical aspects of the remake is what sets the two apart. Instead of spitting about having intercourse on dinner tables or having orgies at Vogue after-parties; the 25-year-old rapper touched on his feelings towards rappers whose lyrics center around illegal activity, and depressed individuals who hide their emotions in drugs instead of getting help in this hectic-paced, bass booming track.

“What the Fuck Right Now” dropped March 3rd 2016 with a video featuring Tyler’s crew and A$AP Rocky himself. Though A$AP did not have a verse on the track, he added some ad-libs from time-to-time through out the song.


Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky have become good friends recently as they are on tour together, and merged their two respective crew names (Golf Wang & A$AP Mob) and dubbed it as “Wang$ap”

The reason this tune is crowned #SongOfTheWeek is because it’s a banger with the tremendous turn up vibes, mixed with Tyler’s crude yet humorous punchlines, and also pertains some insightful lyrics if you really look into them.

This song was so good even the original composer had to give it it’s props…

Notable Lyrics

“I hope you not incriminatin’ you and your n****s on songs with you trappin’
I hope you dressin’ yourself and not followin’ n****s opinions on fashion”

“Low self-esteem, hide it in Lean, Xan every meal
You fuckin’ weak and you robbin’ your plug?
You ain’t got no plan, but I’m not here to judge”

“Your pants got a flood, a little bit Katrina
Oh you wearin’ Vans and Supreme this season?
Stop lyin’ to yourself, n***a, me the reason”

“When it come to a vision, I ain’t got one
Rolling Stone never gave me a cover so…
Ummm… so I shot one!”

“I ain’t do college, I said fuck them lessons
I ain’t join no gang, I said fuck them weapons
Grabbed the keyboard, Clancy crossed my path
Cashed my first check and said fuck depression”

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