MLB 16 The Show Live Stream #1 Overview – Will ‘ShowTime’ Feature Be a Bust?


(From left to right) Ramone Russell; Community Manager/Game Developer, Kyle Saul; Game Developer, Nick Livingston; Game Developer.

By: Jefferson Marshall

The game developers at San Diego Studios had their first live stream for their upcoming project: MLB The Show 16. It was their first stream since the MLB The Show 15 promotional period last March.

Community Manager Ramone Russell and the other Game Designers: Kyle Saul, Nick Livingston, and Luis Martinez were all featured in the opening live stream of the year.

ShowTime and Road To The Show were the two focuses of the first stream and they touched on a few topics that surrounded these features.

 As for RTTS, the new ’20/80 scouting’ was shown off which is a system that real MLB scouts use and that is how your RTTS player will be judged as you endure basic fielding and hitting drills before the Rookie Showcase games begin. It was also mentioned that the ’20/80 scouting’ will be in Franchise Mode as well. 


The scouting report interface for Road To The Show players after finishing drills.

In addition, RTTS has been given an advance day feature where you can play an entire set of games without having to go back to the main menu, which seems like a convenient and simple feature, however it was said that it took the developers three whole months to input that component into the game.

As promised, they showed of the relevance of the newly implemented elements of ShowTime and perks.

ShowTime is an in-game power up that will allow you to slow down time for you to make a big play on either on offence or defense.


ShowTime being utilized for offence.

Perks are attributes that you can apply to your RTTS player mid-game to give your player a better chance to succeed in certain situations. The better overall your player is; the better perks you’ll have available.


Only a few of the 32 possible perks you can use during a crucial moment in the game.

With those being one of the more bigger game changing aspects to this year’s installment, it is also one of the most controversial due to it’s ‘unrealistic’ feeling it gives fans.

“I thought the Show prided itself on simulation and realism.” Wrote Reddit user BatmanDavey1986 when the first Road to The Show details were revealed in late January.

“Those are definitely not that. I know they are all probably optional but it concerns me that they are moving towards even concentrating on adding arcade bullshit.”


“I have no reason to switch from MLB The Show 15, what horrible ideas. The whole point of the game is when you’re at bat in a crucial situation and have a good at bat. Have a bad one and I throw a few f-bombs.” Stated another Reddit user franjoballs in the same thread.

“Now you can slow time down or start up in the count, horrible decisions. At least it’s optional, I hope.”

Fortunately, for those who share the same opinions of the former, the developers made it clear during the stream that ShowTime and perks are optional.

Knowing the introduction of these features could be hit or miss, San Diego Studios will be tracking how many people will leave on the Showtime option on.

Despite all that, there are a lot of things that we don’t know about this game that will be revealed in the near future.

The next live stream will be on February 9th, and the focus will be on gameplay & player uniqueness.



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