Leon Bridges Releases Five New Tracks in Deluxe Edition of Album

By: Jefferson Marshall

Soul singer Leon Bridges dropped five new songs today, and included them in his debut album Coming Home.

Bridges made the surprise announcement on his Instagram Friday afternoon.

The five newly released tracks are titled “There She Goes”, “Daisy Mae”, “Mississippi Kisses”, “Here In My Arms”, and “Outta Line”; which are all under three minutes in length but all still obtain that 60’s rhythm and blues sound like the rest of the album.

That very same style of music is the reason why Coming Home found itself at #6 on the US Billboard Charts when the album released in the Summer of 2015.

The 26-year-old artist has been well received since he’s burst onto the scene with his first single Coming Home in late 2014. His voice, band, and even the clothes he wears on stage is a breath of fresh air for some, and a trip back to simpler times for others.

Coming Home is a star-making vehicle that is solidly crafted, robustly traditionalist and palpably soulful.” said Ryan Patrick of Exclaim.ca when reviewing Bridges’ project “This is not just a nostalgia act; this is music is from the heart, and the soul.”

Bridges has been compared to one of the pioneers of the Soul genre Sam Cooke on countless occasions, because of their wistful voices and flow and they even have shared similar color schemes on their albums.


Sam Cooke’s 1964 album Ain’t That Good News shares some similarities with Bridges’ cover art .

As of right now, Bridges is set to perform in front of music’s best later this month when he plays at Nielsen’s 3rd Annual Pre-GRAMMY® Party. Just after, performing on Saturday Night Live, featuring on the soundtrack of the recent Will Smith film Concussion, and sharing the stage with Macklemore at the 2015 American Music Awards as he featured in the song “Kevin”.

Not bad for kid who was just a dishwasher from Fort Worth, Texas two years ago…



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