MLB 16 The Show Live Stream #2 Overview – New Presentation Screenshots!

By: Jefferson Marshall

couch 2

(Left to right) Ramone Russell; Community Manager/Game Developer, Chris Gill; Senior Manager, Nick Livingston; Game Developer

The folks at San Diego Studios brought the fans of the MLB The Show franchise their second live stream of the year.

With this stream focusing on core game-play elements, there were many anecdotes pertaining to that, that are going to be featured in the game. Including: 20 umps with different preferences and biases, players will take a more realistic routes to fly balls, human IK (no more weird sliding feet), and about 50 new animations for no-doubters.

Here’s the complete list of all the new game-play improvements:

features 1

features 2

Even though this was a stream on the new features in game-play; there were a lot of noticeable changes in the presentation aspect of the game.

Here are some screenshots of the noticeable presentation improvements from the stream:

walk up

New cut-scene of the Jays taking the field as the first inning was about to begin

chicken wing

Edwin Edcarnacion’s trademark “chicken wing” home run trot is in this year’s game



An in between innings look at Toronto’s Harbourfront. One can assume that every team will have their own ‘outside the stadium’ cut-scene.


It’s nice to know that there has already been a handful of presentation enhancements seen in just the second stream considering the developers on the couch are consistently pressing “X” to skip the cut-scenes so they won’t give away anything. However, there will be a little bit of a wait before there will be any extended details on presentation, as the presentation deep dive stream is scheduled for February 29th.

As for game-play, the stream displayed many new animations in action either it being at the plate, in the field, or on the base paths. One of the new elements that should be highlighted is the out of position animations that will plague your player’s defensive abilities if he is fielding a position that he never plays. So no more cheesing and putting Jose Reyes in center and Jeff Bagwell at 3rd in your Diamond Dynasty games.

MLB® 15 The Show™_20150427202749


The next live stream will be this Thursday as Ramone Russell and the boys will be discussing “the little things” which entails Challenge of the Week 3.0, umpire personalities, and Sounds of the Show which was teased at the end of Tuesday’s stream.


Check out last week’s stream overview if you missed it!


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